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Tall Ships cruise in company 2009

* This voyage is now OVER.

St Petersburg (Russia) - Turku (Finland)
13 - 25 July, 12 nights, age range 15-25, £720 plus travel.

Cruise 2009

Many people think that the annual cruise in company is the true highlight of the Tall Ships Race series. Unlike the races, the cruise in company allows us to explore, to visit different ports, to enjoy overnight stops, to see something of the country and meet the people, and to spend more time with the crews of other vessels.

In 2009, the cruise has the added benefit of taking us to one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world.

This voyage will start at the St Petersburg Tall Ships festival, which should be a truly spectacular event, with hundreds of sailing vessels from all over the world, and some amazing parties. More information about the St Petersburg festival here. Russian visas will be required by all crew members, but the race organisers have promised to help make the process as simple as possible.

We will then cruise along the Gulf of Finland, with a choice of visiting the southern (Estonian) side or the northern (Finnish) side. When John Laing visited Finland in 2007, we found some of the most spectacular scenery and the warmest hospitality ever encountered.

Our usual approach is to visit a selection of small, out-of-the-way, beautifual places - ports where the big ships can't go. But we'll also go to a few lively ports, just for the parties!

Turning north out of the Gulf of Finland towards Turku will take us through the Finnish islands, a truly spectacular cruising area.

The voyage will finish with another festival in Turku, where the whole fleet will gather together again. More information about the Turku festival here.

This cruise in company truly could be the voyage of a lifetime. BOOK NOW!

If you haven't sailed before, or are anxious about going away with a bunch of strangers, don't worry! We have a special group set up on Facebook for each of the races and the cruise in company, only open to people who are sailing on each particular voyage. This allows you to see who else is coming, make contact online, arrange to travel together, and get to know each other before you sail.

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