Ben "Sparky" Whinnett

Ben "Sparky" Whinnett

Leaving present

Ben started sailing with us in 2008 and was part of the full time refit team in winter 2008-9. Since then he has given us huge amounts of time at sea, as a first mate, and at refit - mostly as an unpaid volunteer until he took on the role of Refit Manager in winter 2012-13. During the 2013 season he was employed as Operations Support Officer - in particular, helping with the planning for the New Boat Project.

Ben has now moved on to become Technical Estimator and Logistics Co-ordinator for the Yacht Care team at Universal Marina. We want to show him how much we appreciate his efforts over the last five years - please give generously!

The PayPal button below allows you to contribute using your own PayPal account if you have one, or using a credit card.

If this really doesn't work for you, you can send a cheque made payable to Ocean Youth Trust South (with a note explaining it is for Ben's leaving present) to:

Ocean Youth Trust South
8 North Meadow
Weevil Lane
PO12 1BP

Or you can pay by credit card over the phone 02392 602278.

However, please note that cheque and phone payments do take up staff time and it is certainly easier and quicker for us if people use the PayPal option!

















“Absolutely hysterical from start to finish. Could not have wished for a better team on the boat.” Jenna, 21