Sea staff teaching crew members to navigate and to steer

How to sail with us

Sea staff

Your voyage will have at least five (possibly six) adults on board to show you what to do and get you involved in sailing the boat.

The skipper is in overall charge: he or she is responsible for the overall running and safety of the vessel. The skipper has the final say in any decision.

There will be three or four mates, who back up the skipper and help to run the watches. One of them will be your watchleader. The first mate helps to organise the voyage and is qualified to take over if the skipper is ill or injured.

The bosun is responsible for maintenance on the boat.

Some of the sea staff are full-time professional sailors; others are volunteers who come from all walks of life. The bosun must be aged at least 16; the other sea staff will be over 18. Many of our sea staff are people who first sailed with us as crew members but enjoyed it and did well enough to be invited back. If this is an opportunity which appeals to you, make sure you discuss it with a watchleader during your voyage. We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic people who want to join our sea staff.

Our sea staff can all be very different, but the common factor that unites them all lies in the promise that our staff make to every crew member: whatever energy and enthusiasm you put into the voyage, the sea staff will match and beat it.







"Thanks for your patience with us, you are all great teachers and I’m not just saying it to be nice." Nafeesah