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An account of a voyage in April 2008 by crew member Victoria Botting, aged 13.

"It was sooooo good I have had the best 5 days of my life. Here's how it was- 

Day 1
I said hello to some people and we started talking. Then when everyone was there we played a game to get to know each other. Later Wolf came and we all introduced ourselves the crew was- myself, Shelby, Shona, Becky, Rachael, Vicky, L.A, Tom, Matthew, Joe, Verity and Cami. The Sea Staff were Habit, Brendan, Wolf, John, Slaati(Julian) and Amanda. Everyone was really nice and funny. We then had all the safety talks and spoke about what we would like to do on the voyage. Then we split into our teams red and blue I was blue and our group was so fun and lively it was amazing - Slaati was our watch leader! We learnt all the knots and the names of everything, chose our oilies and beds!!! Then we went out in the dinghy to learn how to row and after a first exciting day we all sat down together for our first meal which was spaghetti bolognese. Yummy. That night we all had a lovely sleep but little did we know what the next few days held for us! 

Day 2
We were woken up at 7 15 and had a huge breakfast. We discussed where we were going to sail to and then we set off around midday. We were off! The blue watch were on first and it was really fun. Later on we hit an awful storm - force8/9 winds - the boat was on its side, it felt ABSOLUTELY AMAZING although the sea staff were fraught but loving it!!! The visibility went very low and it rained and rained and was cold but that's what made it so amazing. After we had gone through the storm and it had settled down we went in for fish finger sandwiches which tasted so much nicer than normal we all had about 5 fish fingers!!!! Later on we were back on watch and later that day we arrived at Hamble. That was where we stayed. We had showers which were lovely!! And a lovely tea. That night we had a very special treat Wolf read 'Little Wolf' the story to us which was hilarious but got us to sleep! 

Day 3
Up early again as I was on breakfast duty! (They didn't get poisoned!!) We got ready and went in to Hamble it was a lovely but tiny town! Later on in the morning we learnt about the different directions of sailing eg broad reach, run and we also learnt about the weather. We planned to go to Gosport for the evening so we set sail and were off. The weather wasn't as unreliable and we safely made it to Gosport. Sailing just felt amazing it was so fun and the people were great too. I taught everyone the penguin song which we couldn't stop singing and we looked very funny doing it!!! That night we had another shower - we were very clean sailors!! Later we went to bed.
Day 4
We all were sad waking up as we realised that it was our last full day together sailing. We planned where we were going and sadly we were unable to night sail due to the bad weather. When were sailing it was so funny and when the blue team were on watch guess what a storm came!! The wind wasn't as bad but the boat was tipping!! It was so fun. We also had to tack a lot and with cold hands it was hard but fun. Eventually we made it to Southampton but were sad that our sailing part was over. We went to bed with another part of 'little wolf' by wolf himself!! 

Day 5
It was HAPPY MORNING!!!!! The big clean up - I was on galley!! We were cleaning away to music and were swapping numbers and emails. We had our final talk round the table overlooking our experience then the photos came and the parents which meant it was time to go.

We were like a family and I will never forget the experience it was truly, well words cannot explain it, I miss it so much but now it's back to school!

I have the sailing bug forever!

Round turn two half hitches Victoria !!!


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“Unlike the staff, I loved the Force 8 and the huge splashes!” Cami, 13