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This page has profiles of our full-time professional sea staff. See here for a selection of the volunteer and relief staff.

Staff skipper, Holly Vint


Holly’s first-ever sailing trip was in John Laing from Plymouth to Spain in 2012, taking part in the Tall Ships events: That makes her the first skipper to have gone all the way through from young crew member to Staff Skipper with OYT South!

Holly earned a bosun's recommendation on that 2012 voyage and became a regular volunteer before getting her Yachtmaster Ocean and Cruising Instructor qualifications and doing two years as first mate with OYT North, followed by adult adventurous training and science research expeditions. She then came back to us full-time as Sailing Support Officer for the 2018 season. That was followed by a period of adventurous sailing before she returned to us to live on board during lockdown in 2020 and help with prolific's maintenance. She was appointed Staff Skipper in October 2020.

Staff engineer, Josh Caudrey

Staff engineer Josh

Josh did several voyages as bosun during his marine engineering apprenticeship. By the time he was a fully-qualified marine engineer, OYT South was making the transition from John Laing to Prolific, a larger and more complex vessel. Once we decided that we should employ an engineer rather than a bosun, Josh was our only choice for the job.













“It was great and challenging. I liked all the people, the skipper is cool and so are all the other leaders.” Jamie, 15