First aid and diesel courses & Mark's speech

February 2018 shorebased training weekend


Courses are fully-booked and numbers for meals have been given to the caterers

OYT South's 2018 shorebased training weekend will take place on Saturday 17th February and Sunday 18th February 2018, in and around the Sea Cadet Unit in Royal Clarence, Gosport.

Terms and conditions
Timings and location for those who have already booked
Booking form and payment - DUE NOW!

We are running the following courses:

RYA One-day First Aid - £75 including first aid handbook. Instructor Tony Salmon. Courses running on Saturday 17th February and Sunday 18th February. This course covers first aid and resuscitation techniques for yachtsmen, including a knowledge of the treatment for hypothermia. Recommended for ALL sea staff, required for second mates and above, compulsory updates every three years - check when your certificate goes out of date. Course runs 9am to 5pm.

RYA Marine Radio Short Range Certificate GMDSS assessment - £40 plus exam fee (£60 payable to the RYA). Assessor Lee Mosscrop. This course consists of the RYA interactive online course which MUST be completed in advance (it takes around 6-10 hours) plus a short practical session and exam which can take place on Saturday 18th February. The practical plus exam takes less than half a day so individual GMDSS times will be allocated to each candidate depending on what else you are doing on the day. This course covers use of marine radios including GMDSS, and routine, distress, urgency and safety procedures. You must also be over the age of 16 to do the assessment. Recommended for third mates, required for second mates and above.

A taster course is available to students via  This gives you a chance to see a few screens of the course and importantly use the interactive radio and check that the course will run on your device. We strongly advise you to download and try this taster on the device you will use for the course, before buying the full course. If the taster works on your device, the full course will work too. You can also opt for your course notes to be sent to you in a printed version or an ePack. eBooks are enhanced digital versions of RYA  printed books containing animations, video and interactive tools to help illustrate the key points and skills. As such, these eBooks are a great resource. eBooks can be viewed using a tablet, smartphone or computer which has the free RYA Books app installed. Visit for more information on devices currently supported. In general the app is supported on Windows PCs and laptops, Mac computers and laptops, iPhone, iPad, iPod touches and android phone and tablets, Kindle Fire tablets. If you wish to opt for an ePack please check that you have a suitable device compatible with the RYA Books app prior to purchase. Go to the  RYA Books app download page  Please note ePacks can only be returned if they are faulty.

RYA Diesel engines - £75. Instructor Jason Morgan. Course on Saturday 17th February. Course covers basic maintenance and engine care. Awareness of the main systems of a marine diesel engine. Able to take simple measures to prevent mechanical breakdown at sea and rectify defects which do not require workshop support. Recommended for bosuns plus second mates and above. Course runs 9am to 5pm. Bring warm clothes - this course includes classroom sessions which should be warm enough, but the practical sessions with an engine are under cover but otherwise open to the air!

Youthwork - £45. Course on Sunday 18th February. The day is in two parts - one session will be run by Robin Douglas, the head of West Berkshire Virtual School which co-ordinates support for children in care. Robin brought a group to sail in Prolific at the start of the 2017 season and has a lot of experience in working with disadvantaged young people. He will run a half-day course aimed at increasing understanding of young people who have had a difficult start in life and the impact this might have on their attitudes and behaviour - and what you as a member of sea staff can do in order to achieve the best possible voyage outcomes for these young people. The other half of the day will be a session on "Games with Aims" - lots of ways to have fun but with productive outcomes - run by Ollie Bowden.

Chart corrections workshop - free - Saturday 17th February - with Martyn Powe and Andy Viney. Help to correct Prolific's charts for the season - with training for those who haven't done it before!

Bridge Management - £40 - an invitation-only course run by Simon Jinks on Sunday 18th February. Sadly due to limited space on this course we are unable to accept applications for it.

Other information

Priority will be given to bookings from OYT South members who will be sailing on youth voyages in 2018, and those planning to join our sea staff; but where we have spare places, non-members are welcome to take part..

There will be a supper and social event (including Andy Viney's leaving party) on Saturday evening after the courses - all welcome, whether or not you are taking part in the training.

A hot lunch will be available each day for £5, Saturday's supper will cost £10.

There will be basic accommodation on the floor of the Sea Cadet Unit on Saturday night - please bring a camping mattress or similar if you possibly can (as well as your sleeping bag); but one of our volunteers has kindly offered to loan us a stack of spare camping mattresses so let us know if you need one - and if you have a spare camping mattress you could lend to someone else, please tell us on the booking form. Breakfast can be provided in the Sea Cadet Unit if required for £5.

Courses are fully-booked and numbers for meals have been given to the caterers

If you have already had an email to say that your place(s) have been allocated for the weekend, please use this form to book and pay. If you haven't yet had your place confirmed, please email first to reserve a place and we'll confirm it with you before you fill in the form - just so you don't pay for a course only to find other people had already filled all the places!

Once you have completed the form and pressed "submit", you may need to scroll up or down the page a little to find the payment link. Please pay straight away - any booking forms received without payment are not counted as confirmed bookings and you may still lose your place to someone else if the course is over-subscribed!

NB a few people have reported problems with the form - the issue appears not to be at OYT South's end but with the form provider. If you have any concerns about whether or not your form has been submitted successfully, it's fine to go ahead and pay - we are monitoring payments as they come in and if we see one where we haven't had a form, we will contact you to make sure we have all the correct details.

Please pay NOW using this link.

If you have pressed "submit" but can't see the payment link, you may need to scroll up the page a little!

Location and times

All courses will be based around TS Hornet Sea Cadet Unit, Gosport, Royal Clarence Yard, Weevil Lane, Gosport PO12 1AX. As you turn off Mumby Road into Weevil Lane, take the first entrance on the right into Royal Clarence, and you’ll find yourself in a car park with buildings on all four sides. The Sea Cadet unit is the freestanding building ahead and to the left as you come through the entrance - easy to spot because it has a flagpole outside it!

If you want to park, you need to arrange this in advance by including your car reguistration details on the booking form..

If you are coming by train, go to Portsmouth Harbour and get the Gosport ferry - you can walk up from the ferry terminal.

Courses are designed to start as soon as possible after 9am, and certainly by 9.30am. Please don't be late as there is a limit to how long we can delay the start of any course by waiting for people. If you are held up or lost, please call me on 07986 354697 so we know what's happened to you! The Sea Cadet Unit will be open from around 8am, if you want to help us set things up and have a tea or coffee before your course.

Most courses should end around 5pm (and some will end earlier). On Saturday, courses will be followed by a presentation from our Chief Executive Mark Todd; the bar will be open; and for those of you who have booked dinner, we’ll aim to start serving at around 1900.

If you have booked to stay overnight in the Sea Cadet Unit on Saturday, please don't forget your camping mattress and sleeping bag. If you have a spare camping mattress, please bring it !

Extra information
If you are doing the GMDSS assessment, don’t forget you MUST do the online course in advance. Do let us know if you are having any problems with it.

If you are doing the diesel course, bring warm clothes. Your course includes classroom sessions which should be warm enough, but the practical sessions with an engine are under cover but otherwise open to the air!

“Learned a lot about sailing, but also about myself and the importance of teamwork.” Clemente, 24