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Shorebased volunteers

How you can help

Become a non-sailing member of OYT South

Annual membership costs just £36. You can pay by credit card over the phone (02392 602278); by cheque (payable to "Ocean Youth Trust South" and sent to Ocean Youth Trust South, 8 North Meadow, Weevil Lane, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 1BP; or you can donate online here.

If you would like to help OYT South without going sailing, there are plenty of different roles open to you.

Become a Trustee on OYT South's Board of Directors
OYT South is run by a Board of Directors consisting of a number of unpaid Trustees. The Trustees are responsible for setting the charity's strategy and priorities, overseeing the management of the Trust, and ensuring good governance. The Charity Commission website has some good guidance on the duties and responsibilities of Trustees.

Trustees are elected by members at OYT South's AGM, though it is possible to co-opt people during the year. If you feel that you have skills and experience which might be of value to the charity, please contact us.


If you are interested in joining our core fundraising team as a volunteer, to help us reach our target of raising £200,000 per year, please contact the office.

If you would prefer to organise some small-scale local fundraising, perhaps to help a local young person come sailing, or to buy a specific item for the boat, you can look at our fundraising ideas page – or send in your own idea to the webmaster.

If you are not confident about fundraising yourself, you can still help to create fundraising opportunities for others. For example, if you have connections with a local organisation such as a Rotary Club or sailing club, which might raise some money for us, you might be able to arrange an opportunity for someone from OYT South to come and give a talk to the club.

Perhaps you work for a company which has a Charity or the Year or makes donations in other ways – in which case you can put in a good word for OYT South. Maybe your employer supports Payroll Giving, and you can encourage colleagues to sign up? Or perhaps you are entitled to time for employee volunteering, which could be used at the refit or in other ways?

If you are a student, can you find out how a charity gets on the list for funding from Rag Week or other charitable activities?


OYT South takes part in events such as the Southampton Boat Show, the International Festival of the Sea, our own annual dinner, and various local activities, any of which might need volunteers. These events are always advertised in our weekly email newsletter or you can contact the office and ask if volunteers are needed for anything.

Refit and maintenance

All sorts of help, skilled and unskilled, is needed at our refit (from November to March) and maintenance days (scheduled approximately once every six weeks during the season). Details and dates are advertised in our weekly email newsletter

Harbour support

If you live in or near any of the ports which we might visit, on the south coast of England, the Isle of Wight, northern France, the Channel Islands, or any other places listed on our 2022 programme you might be available to help as needed when the boat comes in: please send your contact details to the skipper so that the sea staff can get in touch if they need anything. This may mean helping with the shopping for the voyage; collecting a crew member from the railway station; helping to source supplies or maintenance support; offering ideas for places the crew might visit ashore; helping to entertain the crew if they are stuck in harbour due to bad weather; providing a lift to hospital; or recommending the best place to find a laundrette, outboard fuel, or a birthday cake for a crew member. 

Crew bookings

It is always sad when we go to sea with any empty berths; or worse still, if we had to cancel a voyage for lack of bookings. It doesn’t mean there is no-one who wants to sail; it simply means that many people who would have loved the opportunity are missing the chance because they haven’t heard of us.

The simplest way for shore supporters to help us is by recommending us to other people – friends, colleagues, family members; or possible future group bookings like schools, colleges, youth clubs, youth charities, sports clubs and so on. If you know an organisation which might like to send young people sailing, but you don’t feel you have all the information you need to approach them direct, then just find a name and contact details and pass them on to the office ,so that we can encourage them to come sailing.

Adult voyages

You can also recommend other people to sail with us on one of the many types of adult voyage we can offer.

Support groups

Would you like to join one of our local support groups - or consider setting up a new one in your area?


“Awesome sail. Good way to get experience on the sea. Good food, small beds, friendly people!” Bryn, 19