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Shorebased volunteers

Local support groups

Support groups organise fundraising and social events, and allows you to meet other people in your area who are involved with OYT South. If you live in one of the areas listed below, then please contact your local support group and find out how you might get involved:

Isle of Wight support group: contact Marion Heming

West Sussex support group: contact Chris Lane

Dorset support group: Dave Heffer

Devon and Cornwall support group: Andy Brown.

If you live in another area, perhaps you could set up your own local support group? You might be able to get a group of your own friends together; or advertise in the weekly email newsletter for other current OYT South supporters in your area.

Don’t forget that a support group doesn’t necessarily need to have a geographical base. You might, for instance, have a support group made up of old friends from college, or from a previous job, and use the support group as an excuse to get together two or three times a year, and raise some money for a good cause while you are doing it.







“This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I will never forget it.” Sam, aged 16