50th anniversary list of attendees

The 50th anniversary celebrations brought together people from every year of the charity's history as the Ocean Youth Club and the separate Ocean Youth Trust charities.

50th anniversary celebrations

List of attendees

Name(s) Dates Background
Fergus & Paula Anderson2009-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Peter AndreaeTrafalgar Project
Buc Adam Bailey?Sea staff / afterguard
Ian & Jane Baker1982-2000Skipper
Kirsty Balsillie & Craig Dickerson1999-2009Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Jonno & Rosie Barrett1972-1982Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Rob Bassi1971-1987Skipper
Phil Beer (afternoon only)
Pete Bentley1978-2010Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard
Sarah Gaskin Bequet & Jean-Philippe Bequet1982-1986Crew member
Sir Tim Bevan (afternoon only)c. 1987-1995Chairman of Governors
Paul & Lynn Bew (afternoon & evening); Jack, Barry & Barbara Bew (afternoon only)1989-2004Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard
Peter & Mary Bird1980-1986Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Paul & Dawn Bishop1973-2007Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Matthew Bland1998-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Hannah Bleakley2008-2010Crew member, Group leader / client
Mark Boggis1987-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Trustee / governor
John Boldero + 52002-2010Shorebased volunteer
Nicholas & Sue BonhamSponsor / donor
Roger & Eleanor Bonnett1962-1976Crew member
Karen, Victoria and Alex Botting2004-2010Parent, Shorebased volunteer, Crew member
Tony & Ruth Bovill1965-2010Crew member
Mike & Ros Bowles2009-2010Trustee / governor
Matthew Bowns & Rachel Webb1978-1984Skipper, Crew member
James Boyce2005-2010Skipper
Andy & Fiona Bristow2000-2010Skipper/Leader British Army Antarctic Expedition in John Laing
Andy, Sally, Rebecca & Hannah Brown1975-2010Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member, Parent, Group leader / client
Bob & Chris Bryan1980-1990Sea staff / afterguard, Shorebased volunteer, Group leader / client
Anna Brunyee (nee Stratton)1978-1990Skipper
Debbie BurnsMarina Developments Limited
Emma Burrows2002-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Craig & Nicola Burton?-2010Skipper
J C Butler?-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Ian & Sally Campbell1962-1979Skipper
Michael CampbellCommodore of the Royal Yacht Squadron; OYT South Vice-Patron. Taught by our Founder, Chris Ellis
David Cannell1970-1999OYC surveyor
Peter Cardy1966-2010Former Chief Executive, Maritime & Coastguard Agency, Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Dave Carnson1991-2008Skipper
June Carpenter (nee Attle and Terre); Mike Carpenter (afternoon only)1968-70sCrew member
Andy & Sue Cassell + 11970s-2010Ratsey & Lapthorn Sailmakers
Tony & Lindy Chamberlain (nee Bagshaw)1975/1970 – 1979Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Jonathan & Sue Cheshire1989-2010Shorebased staff
Catrina Clarke & Ian Southworth?Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
John & Thelma Clack1984-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Martin Clough + 11996-2009Skipper
Ed Coke-Steel1998-2000Radley Tall Ships reunion
Frederick Cole2005-2010Chairman of Board of Trustees, OYT South
Graeme & Sue Cole1994-2010Sea staff / afterguard, shorebased volunteer
Helen Conyers1988-1998Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Alistair & Louise Cook1991Sea staff / afterguard
Chris & Elizabeth Courtauld1960-2010Founder, Trustee / Governor
Janet Courtice1983-?Sea staff / afterguard
Nic & David Crawford1981-2010Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard, Shorebased staff
Sally & Pete Croly2003-2010Shorebased staff, shorebased volunteer
Patrick & Stephanie Crosley, Mike & Jo ShepherdStanbury Chameleon
Ian & Rosamund Crossley1966-1970Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard
Barry & Joani Custance1964-1971Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Ron DadswellChairman, ASTO
John & Christine DareSponsor / donor
Carol Dawson & David Seer1984-1989Sea staff / afterguard
Chris & Liz Dobson1987-2006Skipper
James Donald2000Radley Tall Ships reunion
Jim & Jan Drewett1960-1975Skipper
Jim & Elaine Dymock1962?-1970Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Jon EadsMarina Developments Limited
Johnny Earl2000Radley Tall Ships reunion
David Ellis1982-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member, Trustee / governor
Gill Ellis1960-2010Crew member / parent
Jonny & Gina Ellis1996-1999Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Stephen, Cathy & Isla Ellis1983-1991Crew member
Toby, Jayne, Laura & Daniel Ellis1984-2008Crew member / Parent
Margaret Eva OBE2005-2010Client – Bourne Community College
Brian Eyres1990-2010Skipper, Trustee / governor
George Fairhurst1984-1990Skipper
Richard Falk & Emma PontinRYA Training Manager & Chief Examiner
Amy FergusonPegasus
Barry Fisher1988-2010OYT Scotland
Tom Floyd (afternoon only)Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation
Nick FlemingChief Executive, OYT Scotland
Nick Francis2000Radley Tall Ships reunion
Hilary Foley (Towler)1986-1995Sea staff / afterguard – one of the first batch of skippership trainees
Simon & Pauline Frost1976-1988Skipper
Nigel Gardner1978-2002Skipper, Shorebased volunteer, Trustee / governor
Robin & Maggie Garside1975-1986Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member, Trustee / governor
Baz & Eileen Glaysher1965-1972Sea staff / afterguard, Shorebased volunteer
Paul GelderYachting Monthly
Ellen, Andrew, Rupert & Hayley Godber2004-2010Shorebased volunteer
Mike GoldingSea staff / afterguard
John Goode
Elizabeth Goodburn & Julian Lob-Levyt1973-1985Skipper
David Gray1979-1998Skipper
Eric, John, Kate & Dorothy Greaves (afternoon only)Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Richard & Rachel Griffiths2009-2010Trustee / governor
Roger Grimsdick1972-2010Skipper, Trustee / governor
Lucy GrossASTO
Jenny, Guy & Ann Habens; Eleanor & Anthony Lock1960-1991OYC’s first secretary
Peter & Jen Hambly1968-1977Skipper
Judy & Graham Harrison1978-1987Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Dave Hayles & Diana van der Klugt1974-1979Skipper
Jenny Hayward1999-2010Shorebased volunteer
Harry Henderson1987-1990Sea staff / afterguard
John & Merial Hepburn (nee Connell)1969-1976Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Marion & Richard Heming1990-2010Shorebased volunteer
Nick Higson2008-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Ian Hill1970-1991Skipper, Crew member
Rachel Hill1981-1993Sea staff / afterguard, Shorebased volunteer
Rosie & Doug Hinge1975-1987Sea staff / afterguard
Graham & Joanna HockleyTrinity House
Roger & Daphne Hodgkinson1962-1973Skipper
Flo (Fiona) Holt1986-1989Crew member
Jonny Holman1994-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Simon Horan2007-2010Shorebased volunteer
Barbara Hoyle1975-1980Shorebased staff
Keith Hoyle & Mary Tanner1975-?Skipper
Terry & Ann Hunt1962-1970Sea staff / afterguard
Tommy Hutcheson1984-2002Sea staff / afterguard, Trustee / governor
Lord & Lady IliffePatron, OYT South
International Paint (9 guests)Sponsor
Dan Jackson1980-1983Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
David & Philippa James1977-1985Shorebased staff
Philip James & Estela Carollo1971-1990Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member, Group leader / client
Alexia Jenkins & Steve Hill1995Sea staff / afterguard
Andy Jennings1974-1979Sea staff / afterguard
Simon & Vicky Jinks1995-2010
Barry & Helena Johnson1982-2008Sea staff / afterguard, Shorebased volunteer, Parent, Group leader / client, Trustee / governor
Hughie & Christine Jones1978With the Spinners, Hughie recorded the album “Songs of the Tall Ships”, with an OYC chorus
Paul & Imogen Karas2007-2010Parent, Sponsor / donor
Kirsteen Keith1990-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Liz Key2007-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Helen Keyes1976-1982Crew member
Jennifer King1991-2002Sea staff / afterguard, Shorebased volunteer, Crew member, Parent, Group leader / client
Ray & Susannah Kipling2006-2010Client, Naomi House Children’s Hospice
Audrey Knight (afternoon only)2010-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Steve Lacey2002-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Trustee / governor
Chris Lane & Ann Beazer2002-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Trustee / governor, Donor, Shorebased volunteer
Bruce Lack1986-?Skipper
Emma Laird (nee Ellis)1985-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Adam Lane2005-2010Donor – TMI Foundation, Shorebased volunteer
John Lang2002-2010ASTO – President
Naomi LeeInternational Paint
Nick Legg1991-2002Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Julian Leggett1984-1985Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Steve & Christine LennonOYT North East
Ian & Helene Lerner1992-1999Skipper, Shorebased staff
Colin Lewry1974-1994Skipper
Kay Lindars & Juliet Hirons1979-1987Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Sally Livsey Davies1979-1985Sea staff / afterguard, Group leader / client
Rosie Lovett1997-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Kirsten Mackay2009-2010OYT South staff bosun
Charles & Ann Maconie1964-1969Crew member
Dick & Judi Maddison (nee Simmons)Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member, Parent
Melvin Magnall, Diana Rothwell, Roy MelluishEarly 80s – ?Trustee, Sea staff / afterguard
Julia Fearnside Mansell & Tom Mansell (afternoon only)1979-1995Skipper, Crew member
Chris & Pam Mansfield1977-1982Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard
Jethro Marriage2000Radley Tall Ships reunion
Toby Marris & Emma GodleeSkipper, Jolie Brise
David Marshall & Heather Lowes2005-2009Sponsor / donor
Ben Martin2005-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member, Trustee / governor
Trevor Martin + Annie Yeulett2006-2010Client / group organiser
Pip & Annette Masters1961-1986Sea staff / afterguard
Richard & Barbara Matthews41 Club
Vikki Maxwell1995-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Angus McChesney1999-2000Radley Tall Ships reunion
Malcolm McKeandN/AOwner of Kindly Light, ex-Theodora
Sam McLeod1985Sea staff / afterguard
Kerry McMillan2005-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Philippa Mills1969-1982Sea staff / afterguard
Tim Mills1981-1988Crew member
Bob Morris1966-1977Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member, Group leader / client
Bob, Jennifer & Richard Munden1972-1976Skipper, Crew members
Peter Murphy1982-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Shorebased volunteer, Sponsor / donor
Roger Murray1972-1992Sea staff / afterguard, Trustee / governor
Peter & Judy NewellRace Director of Sail Training International
Rosie & Eric Newport?Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard
Giles & Viv Nicklin2006-2010Shorebased volunteer
Peter Noble1982-2004Sea staff / afterguard, Trustee / governor, Treasurer / Fundraiser
Sarah NorburyEditor, Practical Boat Owner
Neil Northmore + 11984-?Skipper
Louise Oakley (nee Gotto)1991-1992Crew member
Val O’Donnell2007-2009Group Leader & Client – CHASE Children’s Hospice
Fraser & Cathy Old1998-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Shorebased volunteer
Dick & Joan Openshaw1962-1973Skipper, Crew member
Eric Orme & Will ClementSkipper & mate of Duet
Bill Ormerod & Paul Kirton1990Shorebased volunteer, Crew member
Merfyn Owen1979-2010Skipper, New Boat designer
Bob Page & Phil DurnfordSea staff / afterguard, Shorebased volunteer, Crew member
Fiona Pankhurst & Terry Mead2008-2010Sponsor / donor, Trustee / governor
Pam Parker2009-2010Group Leader & Client – CHASE Children’s Hospice
Sam Parker2000Radley Tall Ships reunion
Tom Parker2000Radley Tall Ships reunion
Rupert Parkhouse1997-2004Skipper
John Parkin1987-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
David Parkinson, Kerryn Parkinson-Short, Glynn Parkinson-Short (all afternoon only)1996-1999Shorebased staff (Director)
Leon & Steve Patmore1963-1972Crew members
Paul Patmore & Darna Dufour, Linda Patmore, Nicole Dufour, Robert Pritchard1966-2010Crew member, Parent
David Pettit & Kim Paynter1962-1967Crew member
Tom Povey2009-2010Sponsor / donor
Kit & Penny Power1966-2008Trustee / governor
Nick Power & Hester Alban Davies1995-2009Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Gareth Price1985-2000Crew member
Frank & Kathleen Pullen1961
Terry (Polly) & Sabine Purkiss1960-1973Skipper
Libby PurvesSpecial Guest Speaker
Tom Sage1972-2007Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard
Ed & Sarah Randall?Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard
Diana Roberts1980-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Colin & Sheila Robertson2002-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Diggory RoseSkipper, Pegasus
Andy Royse1994-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Trustee / governor
Cathy Scheib1993-2001Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
David Slater1962-2010Crew member
Colin Smith & Celia Smith (nee Perkins)1958Crew on Theodora’s transatlantic cruise
Guy Smith (afternoon only)1982-1984Sea staff / afterguard
David & Ruth SnelsonChief Harbour Master, Port of London Authority
Abigail & Barney Sollars1984-?Sea staff / afterguard, crew member
Fiona Sommerville1979-95Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Virginia Spencer1984-1989Sea staff / afterguard
Melanie Staff-Parsons & Kirsty Staff1982-1990Shorebased volunteer, Crew member
Paul Stainsby?Skipper
Rachel StephensonInternational Paint
James & Caroline StevensASTO Chairman
Brigid Stoney2003-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Shorebased staff, Crew member, Trustee / governor
David & Tracey Strudley2005-2010Client – Naomi House and Acorns Children’s Hospices, Parent
Andy Sugden1981-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Jen (Phoebe) Swatton2000-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Jeff & Doreen Taylor1975-?Sea staff / afterguard
Yvonne & Keith Taylor1997-2010Skipper, Trustee / governor
Bruce & Mona Thorogood1970-1977Skipper & crew member
Clare Thorpe2002-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Mark Todd1998-2010Skipper, Shorebased staff
Lorraine Toner2004-2010Sea staff / afterguard, OYT Scotland volunteer co-ordinator
Sarah Tredinnick2000-2010Sea staff / afterguard, Group leader
Hilary Tunstall-Behrens1964-1965Crew, Theodora
Andrew & Claire Viney2006-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Philip WakeNautical Institute
Maureen Walker1974-1984Shorebased staff
Stephen WallisLaurent Giles
Hilary Watson (nee Bower)1962-1977Sea staff / afterguard
Ben Whinnett2008-2010Sea staff / afterguard
Caroline (Caz) White1983-2010Crew member, Sea staff / afterguard, Shorebased staff, Trustee / governor
Hans & Heather White, Charles & Jean Wylie1983-2010Parent, Shorebased volunteer, Donor
Tony Whiting + Sue Cullen1969-2009Skipper, Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Irene & Jim Wilde1985-2009Trustee / governor
Chrissy WilliamsSea staff / afterguard
Craig Wilson1985-?Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member, Trustee / governor
Ian Wilson1980-?Sea staff / afterguard, Crew member
Mike Winterburn1971-1980Sea staff / afterguard
Calton Younger?-2010Sponsor / Donor

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