OYT South bulletin 5th March 2004

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OYT South bulletin 5th March 2004

by | Mar 5, 2004

JOHN LAING goes back in the water in 5 days’ time!!!!

The first voyage starts in 14 days’ time!!!!

Eagle-eyed readers who have been diligently crossing off the days till JOHN LAING’s launch on home-made wall charts may find that the above confuses their calculations. This is because the yard wants to put us back in the water next Wednesday 10th March instead of Monday 8th. However, this doesn’t give us any extra breathing space as there was already a packed programme of activities between launch and first voyage.

Gathering over the last week to help JOHN LAING put on swimming costume, water wings and flippers have been Mark “Wolf” Todd, Craig “Little Princess” Dickerson, Dinghy Boy, Sarah, Matt Bland, Mark “Sunny Delight” Boggis, Geoff Dickerson, Millie Knyvett, Ian Webster, Ali Sheridan plus Rich and Dibs from Credit Suisse, Rob Harwood, Roger, John Parkin, Travis Musselwhite and his dad, and Gary Newton – thanks very much to everyone.

Between them they have been painting the deck bitts, filling the portholes, painting the loadlines, putting the workshop back together, more deck filling, painting the coachroof, painting the white areas outside the cockpit, putting the seacocks back on, fitting the fire system, putting the heater exhaust on, doing more work on the fridges, and painting the crew forecabin, the port mates’ cabin and the heads.

Meanwhile Phoebe has been trying to settle in New Zealand while suffering from survivors’ guilt at having got away from the refit before the end. Anyone wanting more Phoebe news, let me know and I’ll pass on her emails.

Anyway, before the launch, we have to finish all the interior painting that’s going to be done this year – in saloon, galley and mast cabin; put the navigation gear back on board, put the anchors back on, put the winch bases back on, and bring back countless other items from various storage spaces including the “pissy-if-we-lose-it” cupboard.

On Wednesday, the day of the launch, we don’t need any extra volunteers on top of those who have already arranged to be there.

On Thursday JOHN LAING moves back round to Ocean Village – which doesn’t mean that the work stops for a cruise: there are things to do even during the trip round. We also have more painting to finish, and on Tuesday 16th – just FIVE DAYS later – we have our official coding inspection, which means that everything that might need to be checked MUST be back on board.

And on Friday 19th the crew turns up for the first voyage of the season.

So no more jokes and a long, head-scratching search for a witty pay-off line to this refit bulletin: I’m off right now to catch a train back down to the boat, and I hope to see as many of you as possible there. Just call Wolf on 07771 771864 and let him know when you’re coming. Don’t leave it to everyone else – they may be leaving it to you.