OYT South bulletin 27th January 2005

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OYT South bulletin 27th January 2005

by | Jan 27, 2005

A quick bulletin, one day early as I am at a conference all day tomorrow….

Six and a half weeks till the first crew will expect to go sailing!!!!!!!!!!

A great turnout at the refit this week – thanks very much to Geoff Dickerson, Neil Fairbrother, Kathryn and Ceri, Jude, Mark Boggis, Fraser Old, Mike Makepeace, Rosemary & Bruce Ogilvie, Joel, Chris from Contact Marine, Simon & Luke – as well as Wolf and Princess Craig, of course.

Final coats of paint have gone on in the cockpit locker, the gas locker and the forepeak. We have started painting the crew quarters; the stern platform has been primed and had one coat of paint; Craig has finished busting off the deck, the holes have all been primed and are now being filled. This a big job as it has to be filled and sanded, filled and sanded…..But at least this year (unlike last) we’ll be able to tell for certain that the filler has gone off and not just frozen. The area under the capping rail has all been ground and is being filled. The blisters under the waterline have been taken out and filled. The forehatch and the mid-hatch have been primed.

And, astoundingly, Wolf has actually been making cups of tea for refit helpers!!!!!!!!! Of course we all know this will never happen during the sailing season, so if you want a brew, get down to the refit.

On March 7th John Laing goes back in the water (but there’ll be a lot of work after that getting gear back on board and putting everything back together). The coding inspection is on March 17th, and everything has to be perfect by then.

It’s been great to have so many helpers this week, but we need the same number of people EVERY week till the end of the refit. PLEASE come down if you possibly can. Would it help if we begged, pleaded and grovelled? Call Wolf on 07771 771864 for details.

Training weekend Feb 19th – 20th
The GMDSS, Radar and chartwork courses are FULL but I have ONE SPACE if anyone wants to do the FIRST AID course on Saturday 19th.

I’ll be sending out full details, joining instructions etc. next week to everyone who has booked.

There are still quite a few people who haven’t got back to me about whether they are staying for the meal on Saturday and the events on Sunday (including the AGM) – or whether you were hoping to stay in the refit house overnight. The house is just about full now so if you really need to stay you must tell me very soon (NB those coming from Plymouth, Leeds and Swansea – you know who you are – we have assumed you may want to stay even if you haven’t actually asked).

Crew bookings
Don’t forget we have some money available specifically to help young people who couldn’t otherwise afford to sail. If this might apply to you, or you would like to recommend someone, contact the office (office@oytsouth.org, tel 0870 241 2252).

In terms of voyage vacancies, we have sold a few berths since last week but also had two people cancel from a trip which had no other bookings – so it is now potentially available for a full group of 12 if anyone wants it: 18-23 April (£265).

We also really need to sell twelve berths on each of 2-6 May (£260) and 16-22 May (£385), and a few remaining berths on 23-27 May (£235). These are all in the awkward time of year when so many young people are approaching exams – so please think about anyone you know who might still be able to sail at this time.

There are still some spaces on all legs of the Tall Ships Race in July and the first half of August; and several empty voyages in the autumn. Please contact the office on 0870 241 2252 or email office@oytsouth.org for latest availability and bookings.

Sea staff bookings
Mates training: one berth left 6-8 May; plenty left for 16-18 September.
Adult familiarisation (for prospective sea staff, group leaders etc): one or two places left 6-10 April; plenty left on 12-16 September.

And there are still lots of vacancies on normal voyages for first, second and third mates. I’m keeping an up to date list of vacancies for mates at each level, so just email me if you want to see a copy; or phone me on 07986 354697 for latest availability and to book your berth(s).