Training weekend

Shorebased training for OYT South staff and volunteers, February 2024

(ARCHIVE PAGE – this event is now OVER)

February 2024 shorebased training weekend


Owing to a maintenance issue in the Park Tavern, our training event has to move!

* The First Aid courses on Saturday and Sunday will still be at the Gosport Cruising Club, Weevil Lane, Gosport, PO12 1AZ  (marked with a RED SPOT on the picture below). Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast will also happen here.

* GMDSS assessments will be in the OYT South office, Unit 8 North Meadow, Weevil Lane, Gosport PO12 1BP (marked with a BLUE SPOT on the picture below).

* All other courses on both days will be in The Old Bake House, Weevil Lane, Gosport PO12 1FX (marked with a YELLOW SPOT on the picture below).

Locations for OYT South training weekend, Feb 2024

Parking – important!
There is limited parking on site, but we do have some permits on loan and have been offered the patch of grass, marked with a GREEN SPOT, by Portsmouth Offshore Group. You will need to display a permit in all of these locations or you risk getting a ticket. If you are given a permit for the car park you will NEED to return them at the end of the weekend as they are on loan and are impossible to replace! These permits are only valid when parking in a space marked with a “C” for commercial. If you are bringing a car please make sure that you leave enough time to get a permit and put it in your car before the start of the sessions.


Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th February 2024

OYT South’s 2024 shorebased training weekend will take place on Saturday 10th February and Sunday 11th February 2024, in Gosport.

Terms and conditions
Booking and payment – DUE NOW!

We are running the following courses:

EITHER First aid
OR Equality, diversity and inclusion (morning)
Mental health and wellbeing (afternoon)

EITHER First aid
OR Accident and Incident Avoidance and Management for Watchleaders and Bosuns (morning)
Lifejackets / liferafts / safeguarding / charts (afternoon)

Timing by arrangement
GMDSS assessment

RYA One-day First Aid – £80 including first aid handbook. Instructor Tony Salmon. Courses available on Saturday 10th February or Sunday 11th February. This course covers first aid and resuscitation techniques for yachtsmen, including a knowledge of the treatment for hypothermia. Recommended for ALL sea staff, required for second mates and above, compulsory updates every three years – check when your certificate goes out of date. Course runs 9.30am to 5pm. Email to reserve a place – please DON’T book or pay without checking there is space for you as there is a strict limit of 12 places per day.

Other than first aid, these are the course options for each day:

Saturday 10th February – a single payment of £30 allows you to attend both the following morning and afternoon sessions.

Saturday 10th February (morning)
An Introduction to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, covering awareness and leverage of privilege; inclusion to sustain diversity; cultural awareness and belonging; and supporting asylum seekers and refugees. The speaker is Shamila Dhana, a volunteer community activist for women, migrants & the BAME community and a Trustee and Founding member of Portsmouth City of Sanctuary. In 2019, Shamila was the recipient of the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards, category Community Activism. In the same year she won the IFRC Female Innovation Award for her work with Migrant women in Portsmouth, chosen from over 300 worldwide Red Cross Female Volunteers. In 2022 she was awarded the HM Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Champion award for her community service in Portsmouth. Shamila is an inspirational speaker who empowers others with her own story of resilience and help mission to lift others up. Recommended for ALL sea staff and volunteers, given the diverse range of young people who sail with us.

Saturday 10th February (afternoon)
Mental Wellbeing
with Hannah from Engendering Change. Hannah will be talking to us about how we can best look after our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others, including looking at how we can spot signs of mental health distress and what we can do to help. Recommended for ALL sea staff and volunteers, to help us look after young people on board and also to support our own mental wellbeing.

Plenty of spaces still available for this day – email to reserve a place.


Sunday 11th February – a single payment of £30 allows you to attend all the following morning and afternoon sessions.

Sunday 11th February (morning)
Accident and Incident Avoidance and Management for Watchleaders and Bosuns
The morning session (starting at 0930) will be run by James Stevens, our newest Trustee and former Training Manager and Chief Examiner of the RYA. He introduced the RYA Sea Survival course and was chairman of the National Watersports Safety Committee and has attended numerous MAIB accident enquiries, so there’s no-one better to talk to us about safety at sea. His session will be on Accident and Incident Avoidance and Management for Watchleaders and Bosuns (though of course skippers and 1Ms and trainee volunteers are welcome too). In an interactive session, James will look at the role of watchleaders and bosuns in preventing accidents and incidents. In the event of an accident or incident we will consider how to assist the skipper and work as a team in managing the aftermath. Good sea staff are regularly considering “What if….?” and reflecting on how they would handle difficult situations. This will be a fascinating session, recommended for all sea staff and volunteers.

Sunday 11th February (afternoon)
Mixed session including:

a) Ocean Safety on the care and packing of lifejackets, with a short look at liferafts. We really need as many volunteers as possible to be familiar with re-packing lifejackets as it’s a lot of work after our regular inflation tests, designed to ensure that no-one is wearing a lifejacket which has a hole – even a pin-prick – which would cause it to deflate when you’re in the water and really need it. Knowing how to check all the component parts and repack them properly is a vital skill.
b) A short refresher session with our safeguarding team
A quick update from Lauren on charts – not just chart corrections but all sorts of useful things for any sea staff who might take an interest in navigation!
Recommended for all our staff and volunteers.

Plenty of spaces still available for this day – email to reserve a place.


RYA Marine Radio Short Range Certificate GMDSS assessment – £40 payable to OYT South now plus an additional £70 exam fee payable SEPARATELY to the RYA – we will advise you when this needs to be paid. Assessor: Mark Todd. This course consists of the RYA interactive online course which MUST be completed in advance (it takes around 6-10 hours) plus a short practical session and exam at a time to be arranged during the training weekend. This course covers use of marine radios including GMDSS, and routine, distress, urgency and safety procedures. You must be over the age of 16 to do the assessment. Recommended for third mates, required for second mates and above.

Please check the system compatibility requirements for the online course.

You can also opt for your course notes to be sent to you in a printed version or an ePack. eBooks are enhanced digital versions of RYA printed books containing animations, video and interactive tools to help illustrate the key points and skills. Details here:  Please note ePacks can only be returned if they are faulty.


Other information
Priority will be given to bookings from OYT South members who will be sailing on youth voyages in 2024, and those planning to join our sea staff; but where we have spare places, non-members are welcome to take part.

There will be a supper and social event on Saturday evening after the courses – all welcome, whether or not you are taking part in the training.

Lunch will be available each day for £5; Saturday’s supper will cost £15; and there will be breakfast on Sunday morning for £5. All meals need to be booked in advance. There will be vegetarian/vegan options and the booking form allows you to specify any other dietary needs.

Booking form
Please use this form to book and pay. If you want to come for the sessions on divesity & inclusion / mental health, and/or safety / safeguarding / charts, you can just go ahead and book now.

If you want to do First Aid, you MUST email first to reserve a place, as there is a strict limit of 12 places per day.

If you want to do GMDSS, please email first and tell us which other course(s) you are hoping to do – we’ll aim to fit GMDSS sessions around other course requirements, if possible.

NB depending on what system you are using, if you are paying for multiple items (e.g. courses and meals) you may find that PayPal opens a new page when you click your first item. Simply click “continue shopping”, navigate back to this page, add extra items one by one and you should find them all in your PayPal shopping cart and you can pay for them all at once.

The form also asks for any dietary needs – there will be vegetarian options anyway but we need exact numbers for vegans and anyone else where we need to buy something specific.

NB we have had some issues with PayPal forms so if this doesn’t work for you, just add up the amount and use this link  to pay, and email to let us know exactly what you’re paying for!

Meal bookings must be with us by 5pm Monday 5th February!


Dietary needs


Courses are designed to start by 9.30am. Please don’t be late as there is a limit to how long we can delay the start of any course by waiting for people. If you are held up or lost, please call Caz on 07986 354697 so we know what’s happened to you! After 0930 a text would be better than a call as courses will have started.

Most courses should end around 4.30pm (and some will end earlier). On Saturday, courses will be followed by a presentation from our Chief Executive Mark Todd from 1745 (now in the Gosport Cruising Club); the bar will be open; and for those of you who have booked dinner, we’ll aim to start serving at around 1900.

The GMDSS assessment is much shorter and you will be given a specific time.

For those who have booked Sunday breakfast (now in the Gosport Cruising Club), it will start from 8.15am.

Extra information
If you are doing the GMDSS assessment, don’t forget you MUST do the online course in advance. You will be sent details when you book. Do let us know if you are having any problems with it.

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